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Self-Serve Dog Wash

Forget the mess of washing the dog at home!

Here at Bella's we have an all-inclusive 24/7 self-serve dog wash! 

Pay Your Way! Cash or Card Accepted
$12 for 10 Minutes

Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week!

Whether it's early in morning or late at night we have your back! Keep your pup pristine with our easy-to-use Self-Serve Dog Wash!


What our Guests Have to Say

"We took our 2 cocker spaniels to Bella’s 24 hour self wash tonight. We loved it! Very easy to operate. Loved the sprayer, just the right amount of pressure, spray the shampoo on while you wash their fur and switch to rinse and rinse them off. We brought our own towels as I didn’t think they would like the dryer. We tried it on low and they didn’t like it. No more trying to bath them in the bathtub! Great addition to the community!"

- Sue Petty


How it Works

Step One: Secure dog in tub:  All you have to do is secure your pup to the tub and enjoy your bath time

Step Two: Pay to start: Payment is simple -Touch, swipe or insert cash.

Step Three: Make a selection to wash your dog: Press Shampoo and follow the instructions. You can skip back and forth between steps as much as you'd like and you can also stop as many times as you need and it won't use up your time!

Step Four: Press button on top of gun to commence washing: When you use the water gun press down on the button until it clicks, the water and products will stay on without needing to hold it down

Step Five: Top up at any time during cycle: Once your standard time is up, you have 90 seconds to make your next selection. You can either top up for $5 an additional 4 minutes or if you are finished you can press "disinfect" to finish your wash.

Step Six: Disinfect tub when finished: After you are done with your time and washing and drying your dog, take him-her out of the tub and please click on the blue step to disinfect the tub for the next user.

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