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Bella's house of doodles

Here at Bella's we pride ourselves on being a highly ethical breeder. We believe in empowering our pups to be the best version of themselves. Our puppies are more than just pets,

they're family.

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Image (10)_edited.jpg

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

We begin early neurological stimulation as soon as our puppies come into the world! Early neurological stimulation (ENS) was created as a procedure to introduce mild stress to puppies (specifically 3-16 days old). These stresses help improve the growth and development of the puppies' immune systems and stress tolerance by stimulating the neurological system. ENS is series of handling exercises carried out by our Nursery Staff. 

Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is another procedure we practice here at Bella's. ESI helps our puppies with nose awareness and their confidence. This process strengthens their ability to identify and react to scents. Like Early Neurological Stimulation, ESI is introduced at days 3-16 of our puppies lives and is very beneficial for their growth and development.



Another process we have is our curriculum! We pride ourselves in the effort we put behind our doodles. From Early Neurological Stimulation to basic commands, your pup will be set up for success! 

Weeks 1-4: ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), & ESI (Early Scent Introduction)

Week 4: Obstacle Course, Sound Exposures & Puppy Culture 

Weeks 5-6: Wagon Rides, Balance Boards, Sound Exposure, Potty/Leash/Crate Training, & Puppy Culture

Weeks 7-8: Temperament Testing, Potty/Leash/Crate Training, Basic Commands, & Puppy Culture

Puppy Aptitude Testing

Utilizing the Badass Breeder Software we conduct our own puppy aptitude testing. These results help us to determine what your pups personality is & what temperamental traits they exhibit. This testing also shows us which pups would be a good fit for therapy/service work.

Our Puppy Aptitude Testing looks at:

- Confidence




-Touch Tolerance


-Sound & Sight Sensitivity

-Prey drive

-Human Focus/Pack Drive

- Traits: Tenderhearted, & Dog Friendliness


Forever Means Furever

We stand by our pups. Being a breeder means it is our responsibility to find our pups their furever homes. All our clients are required to fill out a puppy application, complete a phone call consultation, and attend a meet and greet appointment. Our puppies are our pride & joy. They are so loved by each & everyone of our staff members.

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