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Guardian Home Opportunity

At Bella's House of Doodles we occasionally offer a guardianship opportunity when we find a puppy that would be a stellar addition to our breeding program. This allows us to expand our lines while providing approved families with a furever friend. We'd offer you an outstanding puppy at a discounted rate in exchange for a loving home and help when it comes time for breeding. If you believe that you'd be a great fit please read through our requirements and fill out an application. 



- Must live within 1 hour of our facility in Mankato, MN. (Exceptions can be made if guardian family can travel regularly)

- Guardian has no right to the dog's puppies or semen produced. 


- Breeder has legal ownership of the dog until the dog has produced appropriate number of litters at which time the dog will be spayed/neutered at the expense of the breeder. Full ownership of dog will then be transferred to guardian.

What is the Guardian Responsible for?

  • Provide dog with a loving and safe home, including but not limited to: 

    • Fenced in yard​

    • Must train dog using Baxter & Bella (program purchased before taking home dog)

    • House and kennel trained

    • Keep dog well socialized

    • Exercise dog regularly 

    • Must feed dog Life's Abundance

    • Don't allow dog to become overweight

    • Must groom dog regularly

  • Provide the dog with basic veterinary care, including but not limited to: 

    • Yearly checkups and vaccinations​

    • Any medical issues (Not related to breeding)

    • Emergency Costs (Not related to breeding)

    • Must give dog preventives for heart worms, fleas and ticks

  • Must keep in touch on a regular basis with updates, photos and videos of dog and give clearance to breeder to use any photos/videos sent for marketing purposes (social media, website , etc.)   

  • Notify breeder immediately when female comes into season and be ready to meet with breeder when dog is needed for breeding purposes.

  • Keep all intact male dogs away from female breeding dog when she is in season. For male breeding dogs, keep away all in season females to prevent accidental pregnancies.

  •  Notify the owner of any planned vacations and change of address, phone or email. 

  • If at any time the breeder finds the guardian to be non-compliant, the dog shall return to breeder immediately.

What is the Breeder Responsible for?

  • Provide guardian family with healthy and happy puppy.

  • Pay for the dog to get spay/neutered when it is no longer needed for breeding purposes.

  • Provide lifelong support for the dog. 

  • Cover veterinary costs related to breeding purposes:

    • Progesterone testing

    • Cytologies

    • Ultrasounds/Radiographs

    • Necessary health testing

Are you ready for this next step?

  • If you think this is the right fit for you please fill out our application. We are always happy to answer any other questions you may have! 

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